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An Honest Review of Pictory - The AI-Powered Video Editing Tool

Updated: Jan 3

I’m going to be straight up right off the bat; I never write review blogs! It is so rare for me to actually take the time to sit down and share a product with my readers unless I absolutely adore it. That being said, today, I am excited to share with you a product that has genuinely impressed me and has become a regular part of my workflow. As someone who values authenticity and quality, I only recommend products that I personally use and enjoy. So today, I am going to talk about one such product - Pictory.


Want to see Pictory in action? You can watch the video conversion of this very blog post that I made on Pictory!

Not interested in the video? No worries; keep reading instead!

Screenshot of owners page on pictory with their logo above
Screenshot of owners page on pictory

Pictory is an AI-powered video editing tool that has revolutionized how I create videos. As a copywriter, video creation has never been my forte. However, I understand the immense value that videos bring to an online presence. This is where Pictory comes in.

What is Pictory?

Without going into the nitty-gritty technical details that I don’t understand, to put it simply, Pictory is an AI video software that simplifies the video creation process. It uses advanced Artificial Intelligence to automatically extract critical points from long-form videos, transform scripts into high-conversion Video Sales Letters, convert blog posts into engaging videos, and even add captions to videos automatically.

Why Should You Consider Using Pictory?

With over 3 million royalty-free videos, images, and music tracks, Pictory offers a vast media library that ensures you never run out of content. The AI does all the hard work for you, making video creation quick, easy, and cost-effective.

I recently used Pictory to turn a welcome message script into a video for a new funnel project. My funnel expert had wanted me to film a video of myself….yuck! I hate being on camera. So, I did a little digging to see how I could get out of it but still supply her with the video content she needed. That’s when I found Pictory.

The process was straightforward, and the result was impressive. It was my first try, and I found it fun, easy, and helpful. Even though I am a remote worker up to my eyeballs in writing programs, I wouldn’t say I am tech-savvy in video anything by any stretch of the imagination, especially compared to the young gurus we see today. So, even for me, this program was intuitive and straightforward to figure out!

Want to see what my first video looked like? Click HERE!

How Can Pictory Benefit You?

Pictory can be a game-changer for your business. Here are some ways you can use it:

- Transform blog posts into videos: Breathe new life into your blog by adding video content. This can boost your search engine rankings and increase readership.

- Add subtitles to social media videos: With Pictory, you can automatically add captions to your videos. This is crucial as 85% of social media videos are watched on mute.

- Turn scripts into sales videos: Pictory can transform your scripts into high-conversion Video Sales Letters, complete with stock footage, music, and voiceovers, in just minutes.

- Create branded video snippets from long-form videos: Pictory's AI can extract 'golden nuggets' from your long-form videos, perfect for sharing across social media platforms.

- Whip up video highlights: You can use Pictory to create short highlight videos from long-form content in just minutes to share on your socials.

Who Do I Recommend Pictory For?

I highly recommend giving Pictory a try if you are a small business owner, a budding entrepreneur, or someone who wants to create videos easily without spending days editing or spending thousands on expensive software. It’s a great way to get started in the video world without all the upfront hassle.

Of course, for those who have professional videographers on staff, this won’t compare…at least not yet. This is an AI software that is continually developing – it has limitations, but it is getting better every day. For me, with my simple video needs, it is perfect!

Try Pictory Today!

If you want to try Pictory, you can sign up for a free trial today and see the difference it can make in your video creation process.

If you decide to upgrade, please please please use my affiliate discount coupon code {chelsey89} at checkout, and you’ll get 20% off any plan for life. Of course, by using my affiliate code, I get a small bonus at no cost to you!

Pictory is a powerful tool that leverages AI to simplify and enhance the video creation and editing process. It's user-friendly, cost-effective, and packed with features that can take your video content to the next level. If you have any questions about Pictory, feel free to reach out. I'd be happy to answer them!

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Chelsey is the founder and head copywriter of Crystal Clear Copy. She is an avid writer, published author, and lover of cats and craft beer.

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