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Endless Pawsabilities
3rd Annual Fundraiser

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All proceeds to benefit

Save Our Cats and Kittens, Inc.

Coming September 2024

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Over the Last Two years,

We Raised $7,230!

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Curious? CHECK OUT last year's intro video below!

Endless Pawsabilities 2nd Annual Fundraiser
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Fundraiser Video

Crystal Clear Copy is proud to announce that our Endless Pawsabilities 3rd Annual Fundraiser will open September 1st, 2024!!

Save Our Cats & Kittens, Inc. (SOCKS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the felines with whom we all share our lives. They value the compassionate and respectful treatment of the animals and the community we serve. Their goal is to provide care to those felines in need and raise awareness of population control and health management of felines. Scroll down to learn more about SOCKS!

When to Donate? This September!

Crystal Clear Copy is hosting the Endless Pawsabilities 3rd Annual Fundraiser for the entire month of September, September 1st through September 30th in 2024! During the month, you will have 30 days to donate and share this awesome cause with friends, family, and other feline lovers!

We've been featured on a podcast! Click HERE to catch the story!


Your Support Means Everything!


We cannot thank you enough for your support of SOCKS and Crystal Clear Copy. We understand that money can be tight, but even $5 can make a difference in the lives of these sweet kitties. To keep up the support after donating, we encourage you to please share this fundraiser with anyone who shares a love of cats.