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Endless Pawsabilities Fundraiser Featured on Everyday Happiness

I'm so excited to share that @everydayhappinesswithkatie gave our fundraiser a shout-out on her Happiness in Birthday Fundraisers episode (#461)!

(Make sure to listen to it by clicking HERE!)

Why did she share you ask?

In case you didn't know, my birthday is September 28thsame with my shelter cat, Crystal! Rather than asking for gifts, I am asking for people to donate to my Endless Pawsabilities 1st Annual Fundraiser!

Birthday fundraisers are an excellent way to celebrate your big day, make an impact in your community, and increase your happiness. Learn all about it in Katie's episode, give her a follow, and check out her podcast for more awesome content!

Have you donated yet? You have until September 30th to donate before the fundraiser closes! Click HERE to get started!

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