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11 Online Tools I Use Every Day as a Successful Copywriter

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In the fast-paced world of copywriting, where deadlines are tight, and quality content is king, finding ways to streamline our workflow is crucial. This is where online tools come into play, serving as the backbone of our daily operations and significantly boosting our efficiency and productivity.

I’ve been copywriting for over four years now, and over the years, I have invested my time and money into various tools to help me with my business. I've come to rely on a set of online tools that not only make my job faster but also a whole lot easier. Each one has been a game-changer in how I approach my tasks, manage my projects, and collaborate with my team and clients.

Knowing the impact these tools have had on my work, I am compelled to share them with you to make your life easier! Whether you're a budding copywriter, a seasoned writer, an ambitious blogger, or even a small business owner who does a lot of writing, incorporating these tools into your daily routine can transform how you work, allowing you to produce high-quality content with greater ease and efficiency.

Please note that this blog contains affiliate links. If you use these links to try out the tools we recommend, it won't cost you anything extra, but we at Crystal Clear Copy will receive a small commission. This support helps us continue to produce free, valuable content for our readers.

The Power of Online Tools in Writing

The power of online tools in the copywriting realm cannot be overstated. These digital aids streamline various tasks, from project management to content creation, allowing copywriters to organize their projects with precision and enhance the quality of their work. 

When you write thousands of words daily, crossing multiple writing projects, serious help is needed! By automating routine processes, these tools free up valuable creative thinking and strategic planning time. They also facilitate seamless collaboration between team members and clients, ensuring everyone is on the same page. 

Ultimately, online tools empower writers to produce compelling, high-quality content more efficiently, bolstering productivity and paving the way for success in the competitive world of content creation.

11 Online Tools I Use Every Day as a Successful Copywriter

Embarking on a journey through the digital landscape of copywriting, I've curated a list of 11 indispensable online tools that have become my daily allies. These tools have revolutionized how I approach my craft, from organizing thoughts and managing deadlines to ensuring grammatical precision and visual appeal. 

Each one offers a unique set of features designed to enhance efficiency, creativity, and collaboration. In the sections that follow, I'll explain each tool and why it has earned a permanent spot in my toolkit. Hopefully, it can help you do the same in your copywriting endeavors. logo stands as a beacon in project management and team collaboration platforms, offering an unparalleled blend of functionality and user-friendliness. At its core, Monday is designed to streamline the orchestration of tasks, projects, and deadlines, making it an indispensable tool for copywriters and content creators who juggle multiple projects simultaneously. With its intuitive interface and customizable features, Monday allows users to create boards for different projects or clients, enabling a clear visualization of each task's progress from inception to completion.

I’ve used a LOT of different management tools, and each client seems to always use a different platform (UGH!) Of these, Monday is my favorite and the one I adopted into my business. To be honest, I could write a whole blog on why I love Monday alone, but I will keep it somewhat contained today. 

At Crystal Clear Copy, Monday has become the nerve center of our operations. We manage diverse clientele, each with a unique set of writing projects, ranging from 1 to 25 projects per month. We craft a dedicated board for each client on Monday, outlining assignment lists, project details, assigned writers, due dates, and current status, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. I can easily assign my team to different projects and communicate with them right on the task if they have any questions.

This meticulous organization extends beyond client projects; we rely on Monday for internal tasks as well. Whether orchestrating our social media campaigns, planning our annual Endless Pawsabilities Fundraiser event, maintaining our blog, tracking referrals, marking days off, scheduling newsletters, or managing our master contact list, Monday caters to all our needs.

What sets Monday apart for me, personally, is its intuitive design coupled with its adaptability. The platform allows for extensive customization, enabling me to add any tab or column that suits the specific needs of Crystal Clear Copy. 

Plus, its user-friendly interface makes making these modifications not only possible but also effortless, making Monday a truly personalized tool. This adaptability, combined with its comprehensive functionality, is why Monday has become integral to our daily workflow, keeping our projects on track and our team in sync.

Microsoft office logo

#2: Microsoft Suite

The Microsoft Suite, encompassing iconic applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, stands as the cornerstone of office productivity software. Renowned for its comprehensive capabilities, the suite facilitates the creation of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, catering to a broad spectrum of professional needs. 

For copywriters, in particular, the versatility and integration offered by Microsoft Suite are unparalleled, enabling seamless transitions between different types of content creation and project management tasks.

My affinity for Microsoft Suite runs deep. It serves as the foundational platform for all my writing endeavors at Crystal Clear Copy. Word's familiar interface is where my ideas transition from fleeting thoughts to tangible written content. Its robust formatting tools and seamless integration with other applications in the suite allow for an efficient workflow, whether I'm drafting blog posts, crafting marketing copy, or compiling comprehensive reports. 

Microsoft Suite has been a staple in my toolkit since high school. It has become so ingrained in my writing process that the thought of using anything else as my primary writing command center is unfathomable. 

While I primarily use Word these days, its reliability and familiarity offer a comfort zone where my creativity can flourish without the distraction of learning new software, making it an indispensable part of my daily routine as a successful copywriter.

google suite logo

#3: Google Suite

Google Suite is a cloud-based productivity powerhouse that offers tools like Docs, Sheets, Forms, Drive, and more. It is all designed to enhance collaboration and streamline storage. This suite allows for real-time teamwork and provides the convenience of accessing documents from any device, anywhere, making it an invaluable asset for the modern copywriter.

Despite my preference for Microsoft Suite, Google Suite becomes indispensable when working with clients or team members who favor or require its use. The ability to have clients directly edit and comment on a Google Doc streamlines the revision process, bypassing the more cumbersome track changes feature found in Microsoft Word. This feature significantly speeds up project turnaround times by facilitating immediate feedback and adjustments.

At Crystal Clear Copy, beyond using Google Docs for its excellent collaborative features, we harness the power of Google Sheets for meticulous data tracking and analysis, essential for monitoring CCC's analytics and other data-intensive tasks. Google Forms aids in efficiently managing client applications, while Google Calendar keeps my schedule impeccably organized. Google Photos and Google Drive are pivotal for storing images and managing online client collaborations and internal projects. 

Overall, the comprehensive functionality and accessibility of Google Suite make it a key component of our daily operations, ensuring seamless integration and communication across all levels of our copywriting projects.

grammarly logo

#4: Grammarly

Grammarly is more than just a writing assistant; it's an indispensable tool for anyone who writes professionally or casually. At its core, Grammarly offers comprehensive grammar checks and style suggestions, but its value extends far beyond simple error detection.

For us at Crystal Clear Copy, Grammarly plays a critical role in ensuring that our written content is polished, professional, and free of the common errors that can distract readers and detract from the message we're trying to convey.

The beauty of Grammarly lies in its ability to act as an extra set of eyes, scrutinizing your work with an unmatched level of detail and precision. This feature is particularly useful for us writers, as it's notoriously difficult to spot every mistake in our own writing. 

Even with a 24-hour gap between writing and editing—a practice we adhere to diligently at CCC—some errors can slip through the cracks. Grammarly fills this gap by highlighting grammatical errors and suggesting improvements in style and tone, making the editing process more efficient and effective.

What I appreciate most about Grammarly is its adaptability. It doesn't just flag errors; it offers explanations and alternatives, which help refine the current piece of writing and educate the writer, contributing to their long-term improvement. I’ve become better personally, and I know other writers agree!

For a copywriting agency like ours, where the quality of writing directly impacts our success and our clients' satisfaction, having a tool like Grammarly at our disposal is invaluable. It ensures that our final products are not just error-free but also clear, concise, and compelling—key elements in the art of successful copywriting.

canva logo

#5: Canva

Canva has revolutionized how we approach graphic design at Crystal Clear Copy, serving as our go-to tool for creating visually compelling content. This online platform makes design easy, offering an extensive library of templates, images, fonts, and design elements that cater to a wide range of needs—from website landing pages and social media graphics to advertisements, ebooks, and beyond. Its versatility and comprehensive features make Canva an indispensable asset for both novice and seasoned designers alike.

What truly sets Canva apart for me is its unparalleled ease of use coupled with the ability to produce professional-quality designs. As someone who doesn’t have a background in graphic design, the thought of navigating complex design software is daunting. Canva eliminates this barrier with its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, making design accessible to everyone. The platform's collaborative features further enhance its appeal, allowing my team to share projects, provide feedback, and make edits in real time, streamlining the creative process and ensuring a cohesive final product.

At Crystal Clear Copy, Canva underpins our design workflow, enabling us to create everything from eye-catching social media graphics to elegant ebook covers, all with a few clicks. Its role extends beyond just creating designs; it helps us to effectively communicate our brand and our clients' messages in a visually engaging manner.’

Whether it's mocking up web pages, designing marketing materials, or crafting the perfect cover for our activity books, Canva's versatility and user-friendliness make it an essential tool in our creative arsenal, empowering us to bring our ideas to life with ease and flair.

pictory ai logo purple octopus

#6: Pictory

Pictory emerges as a cutting-edge, AI-powered video creation and editing tool that is revolutionizing how we approach video content for marketing. Recognizing the surge in video consumption in 2024, Pictory is designed to be intuitive, offering a seamless experience for users at any skill level. Whether you're a seasoned copywriter branching into video content or a small business owner looking to enhance your digital footprint, Pictory caters to all by making video editing feel like a breeze rather than a formidable challenge.

Now, before I start prattling about Pictory, I am going to stop myself. Why? I have expressed my admiration for Pictory extensively in previous reviews, praising its ability to simplify the complex process of video production. For those interested in a deeper dive into my enthusiasm for Pictory, I invite you to explore my detailed review HERE!

If you want to try Pictory for yourself, you can sign up for a free trial today and see the difference it can make in your video creation process.

If you decide to upgrade, please please please use my affiliate discount coupon code {chelsey89} at checkout, and you’ll get 20% off any plan for life. Of course, by using my affiliate code, I get a small bonus at no cost to you!

Later logo

#7: Later

Later is a comprehensive social media scheduling and management tool that stands out in a crowded market for its efficacy and user-friendly interface. Amidst many options for managing social media content, Later has proven to be the most effective solution for us at Crystal Clear Copy. It excels in streamlining the entire process of social media planning, from scheduling posts across various platforms to analyzing their performance with detailed analytics.

The real magic of Later, for me, has been its ability to empower my team. I have entrusted the platform entirely to my virtual assistant, who manages all aspects of our social media presence through Later. This delegation has not only optimized our social media strategy but also ensured that our content is published flawlessly and on schedule. 

The platform's intuitive design and comprehensive features allow my assistant to orchestrate our social media campaigns precisely, making our content strategy efficient and effective. With Later, we've been able to maintain a consistent and impactful online presence, thanks to its robust scheduling capabilities and insightful analytics.

If you're interested in experiencing the streamlined planning and powerful analytics that have transformed our approach at Crystal Clear Copy, I invite you to try Later for yourself.

Click HERE to explore how Later can elevate your social media game. Whether you're looking to save time, enhance your content's impact, or simply organize your social media efforts more efficiently, Later has got you covered.

PSSST! While we use Later, I also recommend Loomly to many clients. If Later doesn’t suit your needs, I recommend checking out Loomly next! 

Slack logo

#8: Slack

Slack has revolutionized the way teams communicate, and at Crystal Clear Copy, it's become an indispensable tool for streamlining our workflow and cutting down on email clutter. As a dynamic communication platform, Slack enables us to engage in real-time conversations. Here are three ways we use Slack: 

First, internally, Slack serves as our digital hub for daily operations. It allows me to communicate with my virtual assistant (VA) in a chat-like manner, avoiding the pitfalls of an overloaded email inbox. We organize our conversations by starting a new thread each day within our direct messages, making it simple to keep track of tasks and refer back to previous discussions as needed.

Second, Slack bridges the gap between us and our clients. By joining their Slack channels, I can stay in tune with their needs, collaborate more effectively with their teams, and draw inspiration from their community work for our content creation efforts.

Lastly, Slack has opened the doors to professional networking opportunities I never thought possible. Being part of groups like the Marketing AI Institute’s Slack channel has allowed me to access a wealth of resources and connect with professionals across various industries, all sharing an interest in AI. This not only enriches my knowledge but also keeps me abreast of the latest trends and innovations in the field. 

In essence, Slack is not just a communication tool; it's a platform that fosters collaboration, client engagement, and continuous learning within the vibrant ecosystem of digital marketing and beyond.

Loom logo

#9: Loom

Loom has become an essential tool in our communication arsenal at Crystal Clear Copy, especially when conveying complex ideas or processes. As a video messaging tool tailored for the workplace, Loom facilitates the creation of concise, clear, and personal messages through video, making it perfect for scenarios where text explanations fall short. Its simplicity and efficiency in sharing quick updates or walkthroughs have significantly improved our team's understanding and execution of tasks.

I found Loom particularly invaluable when onboarding my virtual assistant (VA). Instead of drafting lengthy, detailed emails on how to perform certain tasks, I could easily record my screen while narrating the steps, creating a more engaging and understandable guide. These videos helped minimize misunderstandings and errors and served as a reference that my VA could revisit whenever needed, ensuring a smoother learning curve and more efficient task replication.

Despite its rich feature set, I stick to the free version of Loom, which has been more than sufficient for my needs. The ability to create a handful of videos without incurring additional costs has been perfect for our occasional yet crucial video communication needs. Loom's accessibility and the practicality of its free plan underscore its value as a versatile communication tool, enhancing how we share information and teach within our team.

wix logo

#10: Wix

Wix stands out as an exceptionally user-friendly website builder and development platform, tailor-made for businesses and individuals looking to establish a compelling online presence without the steep learning curve associated with web design. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface simplifies creating and customizing professional-looking websites, making web development accessible to users of all skill levels.

One of the aspects of Wix that I particularly appreciate is the ease with which I can design, update, and manage my website. This flexibility extends to their blogging platform, where adding and sharing content is straightforward, helping me keep my audience engaged with fresh, relevant updates. 

Furthermore, Wix’s integrated email marketing tools have been a boon for Crystal Clear Copy, allowing us to seamlessly execute newsletters, fundraising campaigns, and targeted sales emails, all from within the same ecosystem.

While Wix may not offer the exhaustive customization that comes with a bespoke website, its balance of simplicity, functionality, and cost-effectiveness makes it an excellent choice for emerging businesses or those in the early stages of their journey. 

My preference for Wix over other platforms like WordPress stems from its straightforward design philosophy and the comprehensive suite of tools it offers, making it an invaluable asset for maintaining our online footprint with minimal fuss and maximum impact.

quickbooks logo

#11: Quickbooks

QuickBooks Self-Employed has emerged as an invaluable asset for Crystal Clear Copy, streamlining our accounting processes with its robust yet user-friendly features. As a cloud-based accounting software designed specifically for small businesses and freelancers, QuickBooks allows me to manage finances effortlessly, ensuring that billing clients, tracking expenses, and preparing financial reports are hassle-free tasks.

The flexibility to access QuickBooks from both my desktop and phone at an affordable price has revolutionized the way I handle Crystal Clear Copy's finances. It’s an all-encompassing solution that not only simplifies invoicing but also provides comprehensive insights into the company's financial health through clear monthly and yearly reports. These insights are instrumental in analyzing profits and making informed business decisions.

One of the most significant advantages of QuickBooks is its ease of use, making bookkeeping less intimidating and time-consuming. At the year's end, the process of consolidating financial reports for tax purposes becomes a breeze—I can quickly download and forward them to my tax accountant. 

While QuickBooks might not cater to the complex needs of very large businesses, it is the perfect solution for small enterprises like mine, with a manageable client base, for efficient and effective financial management.

How to Get Started with Integrating Online Tools

Integrating new online tools into your daily copywriting practices can be a game-changer for efficiency and creativity. The key is to start slow, focusing on one tool at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. 

Begin by identifying which aspect of your workflow needs the most improvement—be it organization, communication, design, or financial management—and choose the tool that best addresses this need. 

Then, give yourself time to explore its features and experiment with how it can enhance your projects. Remember, the goal is to find tools that seamlessly blend into your workflow, making your tasks easier and more enjoyable.

Plus, don’t be afraid to test different tools to see what fits your style and needs best. If a tool doesn’t work for you, it’s okay to move on. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution in the dynamic world of copywriting. The most effective toolkit is tailored to your unique processes and challenges. 

While I've shared the online tools that have become indispensable in my copywriting endeavors, the most important takeaway is to remain open to exploration and adaptation. The right tools can transform your copywriting practice, streamlining your processes and elevating your content. 

So, take the first step, explore these suggestions, and tailor your toolkit to create a workflow that's uniquely efficient and creatively fulfilling.

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