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How Copywriting Freelance Services Can Save Your Marketing Agency Money

Updated: Jan 3

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, marketing agencies are under constant pressure to deliver high-quality content for their clients. If you're a marketing agency serving local, service-oriented businesses like landscapers, roofers, and pavers, you might be wondering how to meet these demands without breaking the bank. One effective solution is to leverage copywriting freelance services, which can offer both quality and cost-efficiency.

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What Does Outsourcing Copywriting Services Mean?

Outsourcing copywriting services means contracting an external company or individual to handle the content creation needs for your clients. By partnering with a specialized copywriting service, you can offer a wide range of tailored content solutions to your clients without the need for an in-house writer.

The Hidden Costs of an In-House Copywriter

At first glance, hiring an in-house copywriter might seem like a straightforward way to meet your agency's content needs. However, the true costs extend far beyond the writer's salary, and these hidden expenses can quickly add up, impacting your agency's profitability. Here's a breakdown of the often-overlooked costs associated with hiring an in-house copywriter:

Salary and Benefits

The most obvious cost is the salary, but it's essential to remember that full-time employees often require additional benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. These benefits can significantly inflate the overall cost of an in-house writer.

Outsourcing Solution: When you outsource your copywriting needs, you pay only for the services you use. It doesn’t have to be a 40-hour-per-week gig; you get custom plans designed for your unique needs. There are no additional costs for benefits, making it a more cost-effective option for your agency.

Recruitment and Training

Finding the right candidate involves time and resources spent on advertising the job, reviewing applications, conducting interviews, and, finally, onboarding. Once hired, the new writer will require training to align with your agency's standards and the specific needs of your clients, which is another investment of time and money.

Outsourcing Solution: Copywriting freelance services come with a team of experienced writers who are already experts in the copywriting niche. There's minimal recruitment and training period, as they come with smooth onboarding plans. All you have to do it hand over the basic content, and they have the skill base to learn it quickly and without oversight, often ready to roll in less than a day!

Office Space and Equipment

An in-house writer will need a dedicated workspace, complete with a computer, software licenses, and other office supplies. These overhead costs can be substantial, especially if you're located in a high-rent area.

Outsourcing Solution: Freelance copywriters work remotely with all of their own equipment and software licenses. There are no overhead costs as it is covered by the copywriting freelance service.

Management and Oversight

An in-house writer requires ongoing management and supervision to ensure they're meeting deadlines and producing quality work. This takes time away from other critical tasks, like client acquisition and strategy development, which could be better spent growing your agency.

Outsourcing Solution: Outsourced copywriting services manage their own teams, freeing you from the burden of oversight and allowing you to focus on your core business activities. They will schedule regular check-ins to ensure everything is on track, but minimal oversight is typically required.

Employee Turnover

The job market for skilled copywriters is competitive, and there's always the risk of your in-house writer leaving for another opportunity. When this happens, you're back to square one, facing the costs of recruitment, training, and the potential for project delays.

Outsourcing Solution: With an outsourced service, there is minimal chance of turnover. Copywriting agencies work hard to get and maintain quality clients. You are their bread and butter, so unless you are an atrocious client, they won’t be ditching you.

Opportunity Costs

Last, but not least, it is vital to recognize that every dollar spent on an in-house writer is a dollar that could have been invested elsewhere in your agency—be it in marketing, new software, or other growth opportunities. These opportunity costs can be hard to quantify but are crucial to consider.

Outsourcing Solution: By outsourcing your copywriting, you free up capital that can be invested in other areas of your business, maximizing your growth potential and overall profitability. It is always wise to keep your zone of genius, the services that clients explicitly choose you for, as the forefront of your business, and leave the copywriting to those who make it their life’s work.

By understanding these hidden costs, it becomes clear that hiring an in-house copywriter is often more expensive and less efficient than it appears. Outsourcing to specialized copywriting freelance services can offer a more cost-effective, flexible, and scalable solution for your agency.

What Kind of Copywriting Freelance Services Can Be Hired?

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, agencies are often faced with the challenge of meeting diverse content needs for their clients. Whether you're looking to boost a client's online presence, drive conversions, or establish thought leadership, specialized copywriting freelance services can be the key to unlocking these goals. Below, we delve into the types of freelance copywriting services that your marketing agency can outsource to meet your clients' unique needs:

Web Copy: Copywriters can craft compelling content for your clients' websites that not only resonate with their target audience but also align with the SEO best practices, design aesthetics, and content structure you've worked on with the client.

Blog Copy: Copywriters can produce informative and engaging blog posts that help your clients establish themselves as thought leaders in their respective industries. These posts are designed to drive organic traffic while aligning with your client's brand voice and messaging.

Email Copy: Copywriters can create persuasive email campaigns that nurture leads, inform subscribers, and drive conversions for your clients. Each email is custom-tailored to reflect the brand's voice and values you've developed with your client.

Social Media Copy: Copywriters can devise concise yet impactful social media calendar posts for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These posts are crafted to foster engagement while maintaining the consistent brand messaging you've established with your clients.

Content Conversion: Copywriters can adapt content for different platforms or mediums to ensure it remains effective and relevant for your clients. Whether it's turning a blog post into a social media snippet or an infographic into a video script, we make sure the content aligns with your client's overall strategy.

By outsourcing these specialized services, you're not only ensuring that each piece of content is expertly crafted to meet your clients' needs but also freeing up your agency to focus on core competencies like strategy and client relations.

Why Choose Crystal Clear Copy for Your Marketing Agency

At Crystal Clear Copy, we specialize in providing in-depth content creation that's personalized to each of your clients. We understand the multifaceted needs of marketing agencies serving a diverse clientele. By partnering with us, you sidestep the common pain points of employee overheads, training periods, and the constant need for oversight. We're not just a service; we're a strategic solution designed to elevate your agency's value proposition. With our unique packages and special bulk pricing crafted exclusively for marketing agencies, you can offer a broader, more robust range of services to your clients, all without lifting a finger.

Take the First Step: Complete Our Client Application Form

Ready to transform your agency's content capabilities? Completing our client application form is your gateway to a world of content excellence. This isn't merely paperwork; it's a pivotal first step toward a partnership with Crystal Clear Copy. Seize the opportunity to enhance your agency's service offerings, delight your clients, and simplify your workflow. Fill out our client application form today, and let us help make your agency's voice—and your clients' voices—resonate like never before.

By outsourcing to copywriting freelance services like Crystal Clear Copy, you're not just hiring a service; you're investing in a responsive and adaptable partner committed to your agency's growth. Take the first step today and discover the cost-saving benefits that await.


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