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I Have a Confession...I Adopted a Cat

Hey Everyone! So, I have a story to tell that ends up with me adopting a new cat.

It all started when my significant other, Hunter, and I went to do our monthly donation supply run for SOCKS. After picking up supplies, we went to do our usual drop-off. However, as we set the supplies down in the bin, one of the SOCKS volunteers asked if we wanted to say hi to the kitties. Of course, we said yes!

It took us less than a minute to be ambushed by an adorable ball of fur with a stub tail, a brownish gray tabby named Valkyrie. At just under a year old, she was curious, friendly, and wanted endless pets while she told us all about her day.

We gave her some love and moved on to the other cat rooms, but we kept talking about her even as a feisty kitten caught my eye. As we prepared to leave, we asked some questions about Valkyrie, becoming more enamored by the minute. BUT, we didn't plan to adopt a cat that day! We were going to be responsible adults and think it over before making a decision.

After we left, I asked Hunter, "What if she is adopted while we think?" That was all it took to realize that she was meant to be our cat. We promptly drove back to the shelter and adopted her.

Now, before we wrap up this story, I must give a humble little brag about my sweet man. At SOCKS, the adoption fee for adult cats is only $10 right now. Whereas, for kittens, adopters spin the adoption wheel where it will land on $25, $50, $75, or $100. While Valkyrie was technically a kitten, she had moved to the adult cat room to make space for the excess of tiny kittens, so it should have only cost $10 to adopt her.

However, Hunter asked if he could spin the adoption wheel instead since Valkyrie was technically a kitten. The volunteer was a bit confused at him wanting to raise the price, but she agreed. Hunter spun the wheel….and it clicked right past $100 to land on $25, to which Hunter moved it right back to the $100, his ultimate goal.

Hunter told me later that what SOCKS is doing is amazing, and any extra support he can provide is always worthwhile. I hope you will take inspiration from Hunter's story during our upcoming fundraiser because each of these cats is worth your generosity.

AND NOW, we have a new fur baby. Just look at how cute she is!

Did you know that SOCKS is CCC's official charity?

If you would like to help us in our mission to help SOCKS, please check out our charity page! If you do donate, we would love to hear about it, so please shoot us a message!

PLUS, Crystal Clear Copy will be holding a fundraiser for SOCKS this September, 2022. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on the event!

Remember, even a little goes a long way. These helpless cats and kittens are counting on kind individuals like you to give them their best shot at life and finding a forever home. There is always a need for more food, supplies, and especially money to pay for vet bills. Every penny counts and all donations are tax-deductible! If you have any questions about SOCKS or how to donate, feel free to shoot us a message.

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