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The SOCKS Challenge! Can You Beat It?

I am here to issue you a challenge! Yes, you heard me, a CHALLENGE!

CCC is a proud supporter of SOCKS! Of course, we were planning to donate along with you for the Endless Pawsabilities 1st Annual Fundraiser! However, an idea was sparked by a friend, and the gauntlet was thrown!

CCC is going to donate $100 right NOW to the fundraiser. We are challenging you to also donate $100!

If we can get just 10 people to also donate $100 each, then CCC will donate another $100 on top of the original $100. A total of $200! Our $200 combined with 10 other people’s $100 will help us to PASS our $1000 goal!

And just to make it fair, I will share that we have already had 3 people already donate $100, so I will count that in the challenge! Therefore, we only need 7 more people to donate $100 to meet the challenge!

But wait, there’s more!

If we can get 15 people to donate $100 each, CCC will add yet another $100 on top of that, for a total of $300! That math puts would put our fundraiser at almost double our goal!

So, are you up to the challenge?

As a reminder, we are offering two options for donating. 1: Through Crystal Clear Copy 2: Directly to SOCKS. Check them out and choose which one is the best for you.

How to Donate

Option 1: Through Crystal Clear Copy

Crystal Clear Copy is accepting monetary donations on behalf of the fundraiser via check, Venmo, or PayPal. 100% of the donations will go to SOCKS; there will be no “handling” fees or any other hidden surprises. Plus, if you donate via Venmo or PayPal, we will handle the processing fee, so SOCKS gets the full amount!

To donate via Venmo or Paypal, click HERE for the details. For a check, shoot me a message!

Option 2: Directly to SOCKS

We understand that you may be skeptical about sending money directly to us. No worries; we aren’t offended!

You can donate directly to SOCKS online or via PayPal. All we ask is that you take a screenshot of your receipt, with the amount donated included, and send it our way to add to the final tally. Otherwise, we will have no idea!

If you donate online, we ask that you please mention the Endless Pawsabilities 1st Annual Fundraiser in the public note so others can learn of our fundraiser!

You Don’t Have to Donate $100!

We cannot thank you enough for your support of SOCKS and Crystal Clear Copy. We understand that money can be tight, but even $5 (that’s less than a cup of coffee) can make a difference in the lives of these sweet kitties. To keep up the support after donating, we encourage you to please share this message and our fundraiser website page with anyone who shares a love of cats.

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