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Why Every Business Should Have a Newsletter - A Copywriter's Perspective

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As a business owner, you may have dabbled with the idea of creating a newsletter, and I agree. Every business should have one! Newsletters provide numerous benefits to businesses, including easy communication with customers, enhanced engagement, audience insights, and boosts in search engine optimization.

Now, I am not talking about an old school paper newsletter that has to go out in the mail; I am referring to a digital newsletter. This is where customers opt-in to be a part of a digital mailing list. For some businesses, this comes from asking for their email at check-out, and for others, it is fostered through an online presence such as a website contact form or email opt-in on social media. 

If you have debated whether starting a newsletter is a good idea for your business, let me give you a run down on why it is a must-have!

5 Benefits of Starting a Newsletter for Your Business

#1: Direct Access to Customers

Having direct access to your customers or even potential customers is one of the most valuable things a business can ever have. Unlike social media, where customers can quickly scroll past or fail to see any of your content, a newsletter goes straight into their mailbox. 

Plus, there is always a risk of having a following outside of your control. Businesses can and do get kicked off of social platforms. If you had the majority of your following there - POOF! It is gone, and there is nothing you can do about it! On the other hand, a newsletter is something you can own and have control over, as it is often run through your website or a specialty newsletter platform that you can back up and have access to, no matter if Facebook’s algorithm changes or your technology fails you. 

#2: The Personal Touch in Digital Communication

Beyond providing direct access to customers, newsletters present a golden opportunity for businesses to break through the digital noise and engage with customers on a more personal level. 

This direct line of communication is not just about sharing updates; it's a platform to infuse your brand's personality and core values into every message, creating a stronger, more meaningful connection with your audience.

You can communicate your values to them and create campaigns that directly target the customer using the information they have provided you to give them a tailored and unique experience. 

#3: Driving Engagement and Loyalty

As a customer of various brands, I have my favorites without a doubt. When I get their emails, I open them and read them because I feel a connection to them. 

For example, I am a huge fan of Graham Stephan. I watch most of his YouTube videos and voluntarily signed up for his newsletter because I like his content. When I did, I learned he had a coffee product I hadn’t yet learned about simply because the algorithm didn’t put it in my top picks. I even ended up buying his coffee product, not because I think he makes amazing coffee, but because I like his philosophy behind coffee and wanted to support his business. 

Psst…his coffee is pretty freaking good, though! 

All this is to say that I am a LOYAL fan of this content, and his newsletter helped me drive my engagement for this brand. It notified me of videos, resources, and products I likely wouldn’t have known about without him telling me. 

You can do the same by creating a newsletter for your business. Remember, people live busy lives. If your content and products aren’t front and center in their lives, there is a high chance they won’t have the desire or time to actively search for them—you need to offer them up on an easily accessible silver platter. 

#4: Content Flexibility and Audience Insights

So, we’ve talked about serving up content easily to your audience, which can come in many forms. Remember, the goal is to add value to your customers' lives. This could be educational content, product updates, industry news, or whatever appeals to your specific audience. It doesn’t have to be the same thing in every newsletter; you can craft your content according to what you and they need - it’s flexible! 

On top of that, you can direct your marketing efforts directly to your customers instead of blasting out basic content to see what sticks. Unlike social media, you get a more precise insight into what actually resonates with your audience. By seeing what they click on, how many emails are opened and when, and what performs consistently, you can refine your business strategy to adhere to what you’ve learned. 

#5: SEO and Traffic Benefits

Of course, the primary benefit of a newsletter is directly communicating with customers, but newsletters also harbor indirect benefits for SEO and traffic generation. By strategically including links to your blog posts, product pages, or other key content, newsletters can significantly boost your website's traffic. 

This influx of visitors enhances your site's engagement metrics and signals to search engines the relevance and value of your content, potentially improving your search rankings. Overall, it can be a rich way to strengthen your online visibility in a way you may not have been taking advantage of before. 

For example, here at CCC, we have various newsletter segments for different parts of our business. We have a newsletter just for our active clients, a newsletter for our charity fundraiser that we host each year, and a general newsletter where we share product updates and other news about the business. 

A Copywriter's Role in Crafting Effective Newsletters

You’re a busy business owner; we get it. The thought of adding yet another thing to your to-do list may make you feel ill. That’s where we can help; we can make your newsletters shine. 

Think of us as your behind-the-scenes magicians, turning your thoughts into engaging stories that your readers can’t wait to open. It’s not just about filling up space with words; it’s about creating a vibe, sharing your brand’s soul, and making every reader feel like you’re chatting just with them. We get the mix just right – a pinch of promotion and a dash of information, all wrapped up in your unique brand voice that feels like a warm, inviting chat over coffee. 

If you’re ready to make your newsletters the kind of mail your customers look forward to receiving, shoot us a message. We would be happy to help you in your journey!


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